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Wannemacher Total Logistics is a family owned business located in Lima, Ohio with four different divisions that provide an array of services.

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Warehousing Solutions

Wannemacher Total Logistics' value-added services include distribution, freight consolidation, cross docking and a reload center. We have a modern fleet of large capacity forklifts with pullbacks, carton pullers, and carton clamps to provide all our services.

One Hour and Done

  • Every Truck Coming Into Our Facility Will Be In And Out In One Hour
  • Efficient And Timely Loading And Unloading
  • Pleasant Atmosphere

Over One Million Square Feet of Warehousing Space

  • Four Locations In Lima, Ohio
  • Our Facilities Can Fit Your Needs
  • Short And Long Term Leasing

24 Hour Security and Sprinkler Systems

  • Monitored And Linked To Local Emergency Service Providers
  • Video Surveillance
  • Your Product Is Protected

Food-Grade Certification

  • Facilities Built To Food Grade Specifications
  • Food Safety Program

Accellos WMS Software

  • Inventory Control Accuracy
  • Access For Customers To View Their Inventory
  • Ability For Customers To Send Orders Online Or Via EDI Transactions
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Central Point


Harding Highway


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